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5-Minute Hack: Headphones

I recently took a hiatus from blogging while I moved into a new apartment, but now I'm back with tons of new pictures and ideas to share!

I'm still working on some of the more detailed posts, but I thought I'd start with a quick organization hack for storing and traveling with headphones

Step 1:

Start with a messy tangle of cords.

Step 2:

Find a gift card with a cute pattern. You can use an old gift card, but sometimes, stores will give you blank cards if you ask nicely! If you don't want the brand name to show, you can cut it off.

Step 3:

Cut squares out of each end. (You can trace the shape on the back if you want it to be uniform

Step 4:

Wrap your cord!

Step 5:

Tuck the headphone jack underneath the wrapped cord.

Step 6:

Enjoy your organized and tangle-free headphones!

You can store multiple headphones in a drawer by lining up the cards, or you can use a gift card pouch as a travel case!

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