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#WashiWednesday: DIY travel jewelry case

In case you were wondering...#washiwednesday is actually a real thing, and in honor of this alliterative hashtag, every Wednesday I will share a short post about different ways to use washi tape for organization and crafting.

Today's project: a do-it-yourself jewelry case to keep jewelry safe and organized while traveling!

Start with a 7-Day Pill Case - I found this one at the Dollar Store! Pill cases come in a variety of styles, but I like this one because A) it doesn't have labels for days of the week, so there's less to cover up with tape, and B) the interlocking system allows for customization.

Before picture of the pill case, unwrapped.

I used a fabric tape for this project, but any washi or craft tape will work. The fabric tape is nice because it adds a nice grip for the containers. Simply cut a strip of tape and carefully wrap around each segment.

This tape happened to be the perfect width for each segment of the pill case, but you could trip wider tapes or use multiple strips of thinner tapes.

This pill case is awesome because it can be reassembled in any order, or with any number of segments.

For necklaces and bracelets, I recommend putting only one item in each section to prevent knotting or tangling.

And there you go! An easy travel jewelry case that allows you to keep your jewelry organized and protected while on the go!

Check back for next week's #WashiWednesday post!

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