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Creating a Flexible Workspace

In my fantasies, I have my own craft room/work space where all of my supplies are easily accessible and neatly displayed in an artful and stylish manner. In this dream, paying bills, grading papers, and responding to emails is a joyful experience because I love sitting at my spacious desk surrounded by my beautifully color-coodinated school supplies.

In reality, I live a one-bedroom apartment where my kitchen table serves as a dining surface, a desk, a crafting table, a cat bed, and place for collecting miscellaneous junk.

Although I haven't given up on my dream work space, in the meantime I have embraced the concept of a flexible work space.

I found this wooden tray few years ago at Homegoods, and since then it has served many different purposes. It wasn't until this past summer that it became part of my mobile command center. Keeping my office supplies on a tray, rather than in a bag or a box, makes my workspace not only portable, but also easily accessible. When I need to clear the table for a different use, the tray fits perfects on a nearby bookshelf

I got lucky that the tray I already owned happened to fit perfectly inside the bookshelf!

The best part about this method is that, even when I put the tray away, the supplies are still accessible. Things I use less frequently are stored in boxes or zippered pouches, but these items are readily available for a quick grab and go!

The contents of the tray have evolved based on whatever project I am currently working on. In the past few months its also held calculators, rulers, stencils, stamps, envelopes, and more.

Try creating a "mobile command center" for your "flexible workspace." In seconds, you can transform an area from dining room to office, or office to craft space.