About me

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Hi, I'm Brooke! I am a lifelong obsessive organizer looking to share some tips and tricks for finding order in the chaos of life. Using planning, organization, and time management strategies, challenges become projects and obstacles become opportunities for creativity. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! After years of deliberation, hesitation, and, admittedly, a few failed attempts, I'm finally ready to share some of my ideas with the Internet. 

If you ended up on my page you are likely here for one of two reasons:

  1. You are already an obsessive organizer like me, and you are trolling the Internet looking for new ideas and inspiration (and also, looking at pictures and reading about organization is a guilty pleasure that produces an oddly calming, yet exhilarating sensation).

  2. You are currently struggling with organization and are searching the Internet for helpful resources.

My hope is that my blog will be able to serve individuals in both of these scenarios. If you are an organization junkie, then I hope you enjoy reading about strategies that have and have not worked for me. If you consider yourself to be "organizationally challenged," know that while organization is  innate to some, it is a skill that can easily be learned

Some things to know about me:


B.A. Psychology, Franklin & Marshall College

M.Ed. Special Education, Wilmington University

GCT Mind, Brain, and Teaching, Johns Hopkins University


Teacher, 5th Grade


Baltimore, Maryland (Go O's! #ravensnation!)